There were many things I previously described in my homepage which were the essentials to understanding myself and my goals. However, those words were the bare bones of me and my story. That isn’t to say my story is a particularly interesting one but it is the metaphorical Legos that have built and shaped me into the person I am today.

I was born on May 27th in the year 1996 and have lived in Gurnee Illinois for the majority of my life. Ever since I was little I wanted to be many things: an actor, then a veterinarian, some type of international pop sensation, and- finally- a writer. The goal itself wasn’t terribly concrete. I just wanted to write something, finish it, publish it, and hopefully live off of doing the things that I loved.

During my pre-college years I was an enthusiastic member of my school’s drama club- a large club as the school itself holds over 4,000 kids. This was a role that shot me into leadership. It was not merely a club directed by teachers and older professionals with the student’s being a puppet in a performance. We built our own sets, were involved in marketing ourselves, and were each in charge of particular responsibilities that were vital to a successful show. I was on my back drilling in screws, tip-toe on ladders with a paint brush on hand, scaling the cat walk, mentoring the freshman, acting on stage, and ensuring productivity behind the curtains during showtime. Truly, I was blessed to have such a wonderful experience, an experience that I feel has taught me that I have potential to lead and teach.

My role as the Dormouse in the 2014 production of Alice in Wonderland for Warren Township's annual children's play.

My role as the Dormouse in the 2014 production of Alice in Wonderland for Warren Township’s annual children’s play.

The second largest factor in my life is my volunteering at the ranch. Since I was little, I had a love of horses. Every girl goes through some strange horse phase. Luckily, I wasn’t exactly galloping on the playground and eating oats religiously. But I still felt like I wanted a connection with an animal as spiritual as the horse. My mother found an opportunity for me up in Hayward Wisconsin where we reside in the summer. It was a volunteer position in small rundown family owned ranch where I could clean and give trail rides in exchange for training and interaction with the horses. I was paired with a lovely jerk of a horse, one whose personality is that of a mule but whose heart has completely captured my own. His name was Blue. For seven years I have worked to better my relationship with Blue and train him to be an outstanding trail horse. To this day we still work together and nothing gives you a greater sense of patience and trust than working with such intelligent animals.

Blue and I currently vs my beginning years with him.

Blue and I currently.


My first year with Blue.

Besides the above events, my interests in school were rather eclectic; though I tended to avoid the mathematical subjects like a raging hornet’s nest. I loved history, government, theater, music, film, and literature. These interests led me to consider many different paths as I began college. While I want to be an author, I do have interests that could serve as practical alternatives while working on novels and other projects hence my current majors.

That is the crossroad where I currently reside: practical studies or consistently writing to achieve my dream. In my mind I try to think, “Why not both?”. Truly, I am trying to find a balance between pursuing the fields that I like in order to support myself while also working on the things I love whenever free time presents itself. It will be a struggle that will be featured quite heavily on my blog.

Until then I hope to share all my accomplishments- all the papers, projects, and research findings I delve into in my college years which I pray make my portfolio blossom. I hope I present myself as both professional and personable throughout this site as I want it to serve as a reflection of who I am.

A slightly younger version of me in the yellow dress. I looked pretty much the same going into college. Maybe just a bit taller.

A slightly younger version of me in the yellow dress on my first day of Kindergarten. I looked pretty much the same going into college. Maybe just a bit taller.

Thank you for reading!


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